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At The Coachmen Russian Restaurant in Surry Hills, the log fires in two of the rooms make a great backdrop to the hearty offerings from the kitchen and the lashings of warming vodka. Out comes pelmieni served with sour cream, chateaubriand served with mushrooms, onions and red wine, a spicy lamb and rice soup from Georgia and chicken tabaka, flattened marinated spatchcock served with a dill sauce.

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Herb Bread

Appetizers / Zacuski

Home made fried meat pie

Appetizers / Zacuski

Pickled Vegetables

Appetizers / Zacuski

Seasonal assortment of home made dill pickled vegetables (Traditional Vodka chaser)


Herring in Fur Coat

A traditional Russian salad made of herring fillet, potato and beetroot topped with eggs, zest with gourmet mayonnaise and dill.

Modern Salad "Olivier"


Popular Russian salad made of boiled potato, eggs, pickles, carrots, peas and onion with chicken meat, dressed with mayonnaise.

Crepes Russian Style

Traditional Russian pancakes served warm with Red Salmon caviar and sour cream.

Baltic Herring Fillet


Herring fillet served with marinated onion, chat potato medallion and black olives

Soup “Borsch”

Famous Russian dish made of red beets, cabbage, potato, carrot and tomatoes
on meat broth. Served hot with shallot and sour cream.

Potato Dumplings "Vareniki"

Traditional Ukrainian style mashed potato filled dumplings. Pouched in boiling water, served with fried onion and sour cream in tomato rosette.

Siberian Meat Dumplings "Pelmeni"

Classic Russian meat-filled dumpling. Pouched in boiling water served in clear stock with sour cream.

Pancakes “Coachmen”

Savory pancakes with chicken filling served warm with mushroom souse.

Cabbage Rolls

Main Courses
White cabbage leaves filled with ground beef and rice, cooked in vine ripened tomatoes sauce. Served with sour cream.

Chicken "Rasputin"

Main Courses

Chicken breast filled with garlic butter, breaded and fried.

Served with potato medallion and green salad on site.

Veal Goulash

Main Courses
Tender veal chunks sautéed with sour tomatoes, carrots and selected herbs in ceramic pot. Served in ceramic pot with boiled potato and caramelized onion toast.

Grilled Lamb Georgian Style "Shashlik"

Main Courses
Marinated lamb fillet flame grilled on skewer. Served with chat potato, fresh salad, marinated onion and home made spicy tomato sauce.

Spring Chicken (Tabaka)

Main Courses

Spicy marinated chicken pan fried to crispy skin and well cooked meat. Served with chat potato, fresh salad and spicy souse on site.

Beef “Stroganoff”

Main Courses
Strips of steaks, mushrooms, sour cream mustard sauce. Served with Jasmine rice and pickled gherkins.

Grilled Pork Medallion

Main Courses
Marinated lean pork medallion flame grilled. Served with mash potato, creamy spinach and fried onion.

“Monastic" Prawns

Main Courses
King size Prawns baked with vegetables, mushrooms and creamy risotto in ceramic pot.